Top thirty crime procedurals, #6: Quincy, ME

IMDB link.

Basic premise: A more realistic CSI with fewer puns.

Why it’s here: Jack Klugman is underrated as an actor; this is the oldest show in the top 10, and each time I think about it I wonder if I might not push it a little higher. There’s an emphasis on realism and practicality that CSI doesn’t always have. Quincy never carries a gun; he doesn’t need to.

Why it’s not higher: The top five are better. There might be some excessive nostalgia propping this up, which I can’t discount.

If only there were a Bills fan on this site

Mike Pettine is the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He’s the former DC for the Bills.

I have to question going with a defensive guy, at this point in Cleveland’s developmental process, but Pettine strikes me as a solid one. He’ll need a top shelf OC to be successful, especially since I’m fairly certain Cleveland takes a QB with #4 overall. My personal preference is for Bridgewater, but word has it that the FO has a boner for Manziel.

Hey, let’s get the guy who developed Cam Newton! He’s avail– oh, right.