Latest enemy: Murray Chass

Murray Chass has, for a long time, been an old coot. However, then I saw this from Deadspin.

I’ll emphasize what Deadspin emphasize, because it’s fucking sick.

Finally, an announcement that will disappoint Neyer, Calcaterra and the reader who, like those two bloggers, said they were delighted that this was the last time I would be voting for the Hall of Fame. Sorry, guys I never made it definite.

I said “barring a change in my thinking,” this could be my last vote. My thinking has changed, and all of you critics can blame yourselves. How could I relinquish my vote knowing how much it annoys you? I plan to vote a year from now even if I just send in a blank ballot. You would love that.

This makes me sick to my stomach. I mean, instead of making this argument what it should be — who deserves to be recognized amongst baseball’s all-time greats — you’re going to fuck over everyone so you can troll Rob Neyer. Can we please kick this pompous asshole out of the BBWAA?


Top thirty crime procedurals, #28: Kojak (the original)

IMDB link.

Basic premise: Bald guy is a detective; also features lollipops.

Why it’s here: Because Telly Savalas is a fucking bad ass. I mean, if you’ve seen the Dirty Dozen, you already knew that, but this show proves it.

Why it’s not higher: The bald jokes got stale. The show went on for five years and multiple TV movies, yet the bald. jokes. never. stop.