Top thirty crime procedurals, #14: The Finder

IMDB link.

Basic premise: Guy gets brain damage, becomes super PI.

Why it’s here: Created by the same guy who created Bones (which will, of course, be appearing later). Really brilliant idea, about a guy who has brain damage from an IED attack in Iraq, which enables him to make wild leaps that turn out, invariably, to be right. There are apparently books as well that I will, at some point, check out. He can find anything, to the point where he becomes obsessed, and they hint more than once that if he were prevented from finding something, he would kill himself.

Why it isn’t higher: One season show, partially because Fox is fucking stupid, although with the unfortunate death of Michael Clarke Duncan, I’m not sure a second season would have worked. The show requires something of a leap of faith, which means it’s not for everyone.