2 thoughts on “Greg Maddux: To hell with you, Atlanta?

  1. Meh. I would have liked Maddux to go in as a Brave, and I’ll always remember him as a Brave, but I figured there was a good chance this would happen. Actually, it would have been even better to have him go in as a Brave and a Cub, seeing as how he spent about the same time on each team. I want to say there are a couple of players who have multiple teams on their plaques.

    • I think Rickey Henderson’s cap should have Rickey Henderson on it. (I don’t think anyone has multiple logos on their plaques, TBH). You just made me look up Robbie Alomar and learned he picked the freakin’ Blue Jays. I’m sad now. Sure, he played more games for the Blue Jays, but his peak years were for Cleveland, dammit!

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