If only there were a Bills fan on this site

Mike Pettine is the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He’s the former DC for the Bills.

I have to question going with a defensive guy, at this point in Cleveland’s developmental process, but Pettine strikes me as a solid one. He’ll need a top shelf OC to be successful, especially since I’m fairly certain Cleveland takes a QB with #4 overall. My personal preference is for Bridgewater, but word has it that the FO has a boner for Manziel.

Hey, let’s get the guy who developed Cam Newton! He’s avail– oh, right.


3 thoughts on “If only there were a Bills fan on this site

  1. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen and that the Browns would choose poorly…

    Pettine is a great defensive coordinator. The Bills had a surprisingly good defense last year, despite not having a good cornerback until week ~12 (when Gilmore was finally healthy and had a few weeks to get into playing shape) and having exactly one linebacker who could do anything other than rush the passer. Who knows what that means in terms of being a head coach, but I’m thinking the Browns have more of an executive problem than a coaching problem, and Pettine won’t be able to solve that one.

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