In which Alex Rodriguez loses his shit

So, A-Rod is banned for a full season. Here’s his complete statement, if you’ve a hankering for some crazy today.

Two general comments: 1) I am opposed, in general, to anything that helps the Yankees, but Christ, A-Rod, what the hell were you thinking? 2) Raffy got a couple of years before getting kicked off the ballot. The next HOFer with a positive test is Manny Ramirez; I could see a similar fate, or I could see guaranteed election — it’s hard to tell with him. A-Rod is a whole different ball of wax. I genuinely don’t know what to expect. I mean, he’s first ballot by any conceivable measure, as the first SS in the 600 HR club. Yet if they can hold off Barry Bonds and the Rocket without a positive test, that’s pretty damning for A-Rod, isn’t it? Even though it’s borderline unfair how awesome he was at baseball? I mean, for Chrissakes, he fell under 100 OPS+ in only two seasons — his first two. (You know, when he was 18 and 19.) In his first full season in the majors, he was 2nd in the MVP race, and then only because Juan Gone hit a bunch of home runs.

Top thirty crime procedurals, #19: NYPD Blue

IMDB link.

Basic premise: The anti-Dragnet.

Why it’s here: Homicide (#29) came first, but this was the series that pushed gritty police drama. If Dragnet is how we wish our police detectives were, NYPD Blue is closer to how they actually are. Compelling television that handled some social issues surprisingly well. The episode where the two lesbians ask the gay cop to artificially inseminate one of them was absolutely phenomenal, and I don’t know if it would play on TV today.

Why it’s not higher: David Caruso. I don’t know if it’s the internet meme with CSI: Miami, but I never liked him. He was a huge jackass on this show (which is why he lasted precisely one season). We also “got” to see Dennis Franz’s bare ass entirely too many times. While they handle social issues very well at times, at other times they beat you over the head with it.