HOF results: Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas are in

Here are the official results, from SB Nation. Biggio fell two votes shy, yet there’s no guarantee he’ll make it next year, because we’ll have another batch of wonderful candidates. CBS has a nice break down.

Palmeiro falling entirely off the ballot is disappointing but not surprising. My heart and the counting stats say he belongs in, but the rate stats and his era says he doesn’t. I think the Veterans Committee will eventually vote Jack Morris in, and maybe Raffy. I’d love to know which two numbskulls voted for JT Snow. Luis Gonzalez surprises me, a little, with going one-and-done. I don’t think he’s a Hall of Famer, but he’s certainly borderline, and I could have seen him stick around for a year or three. Alan Trammel (sadly) and Lee Smith (less sadly) are probably screwed, but I think the Vets will put them both in.

As for next year, I’ll say Pedro and the Big Unit get in with flying colors, maybe Biggio and Piazza. I think John Smoltz will be next year’s Biggio — maybe — getting really close but not quite making it. Gary Sheffield almost certainly doesn’t get in — he was kind of a dick, used PEDs (maybe?), and was BFFs with Barry Bonds.

EDIT: I wrote on Facebook today that I hoped that, during their induction speeches, Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas would also smile and say “It was the steroids! That’s how we got where we are today! TO STEROIDS!”  The BBWAA would undoubtedly spontaneously combust. Then I read this article on Grantland and thought, “Maybe they deserve it and maybe they don’t.”

I still want to see it though.

EDIT: Biggio might have gotten in after all. If it’s percentage of ballots cast, he squeaks in by two votes instead of falling short by two votes. More on this as it develops (but tomorrow, since it’s getting late and I’m tired.)

EDIT: Yeah, here’s the rule from the BBWAA’s own website.

How many votes are required for induction?

A player must be named on 75 percent of the ballots returned to be elected to the Hall of Fame. Blank ballots count toward the overall total, but unreturned ones do not.

The discrepancy is that supposedly 569 ballots were cast, not 571.

EDIT (last one this time): The source which originally said it was 569 votes — the Hall of Fame’s website — has since been corrected to 571.

Top thirty crime procedurals, #22: Standoff

IMDB link.

Basic premise: FBI hostage negotiators, who can’t negotiate… with their love! (Cue cheesy music.) [And by the way, it’s totally more lust than love.]

Why it’s here: A show focusing on hostage negotiations was really unique for the genre. Rob Livingston is underrated as an actor, and we get the ubiquitous Gina Torres as well. Plus, the female lead (Rosemarie DeWitt) is super cute.

Why it isn’t higher: Partly because it got cancelled, and partly because the personal stuff was really, really distracting. The show never could quite decide if it should be a cop show or a romance.