My Happenings Of Late

I’ve not been keeping up my normal posting habits of late.  A big part of this is that I’ve started a new job.  This job involves a bit more work than my previous one, so that has knocked out some of my free time.

Despite that, I’m going to try to get back into the habit of setting up daily posts.  Thanks to our resident Penguatroll, we’ve had a great series going in the meantime.  I won’t do my own top X list of crime shows, however; I’m not sure I’ve seen enough to put together a quality list.

Top thirty crime procedurals, #11: The Good Guys

IMDB link.

Basic premise: Buddy cop movie, turned into a TV series.

Why it’s here: It is absolutely hysterically funny. If you’ve only seen the West Wing, you’ve never seen Bradley Whitford. His work is sublime here, with the perfect blend of over-the-top insanity and pathos to keep you coming back. Colin Hanks proves an excellent straight man, although he too is occasionally hilarious. It’s only a single season, but man, what a season. If it weren’t bordering on blasphemy, I’d call it the Firefly of crime procedurals.

Why it isn’t higher: The actual “crime solving” part of it is a little light. The premise — boring, everyday crime turns into gang war/murder/drug bust — had probably about run its course. The support cast, at times, was a little light.