Top thirty crime procedurals, #11: The Good Guys

IMDB link.

Basic premise: Buddy cop movie, turned into a TV series.

Why it’s here: It is absolutely hysterically funny. If you’ve only seen the West Wing, you’ve never seen Bradley Whitford. His work is sublime here, with the perfect blend of over-the-top insanity and pathos to keep you coming back. Colin Hanks proves an excellent straight man, although he too is occasionally hilarious. It’s only a single season, but man, what a season. If it weren’t bordering on blasphemy, I’d call it the Firefly of crime procedurals.

Why it isn’t higher: The actual “crime solving” part of it is a little light. The premise — boring, everyday crime turns into gang war/murder/drug bust — had probably about run its course. The support cast, at times, was a little light.

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