I read this great article from Pro Football Talk. I loved the headline, too: “Pat Shurmur thinks that Hillis should get more touches.”

Of course! It’s a conspiracy! See, the guy calling the plays is keeping Hillis from getting the ball, not Pat Shurmur!

Hey… wait a minute! Pat Shurmur IS the guy calling the plays!

It makes perfect sense now… Pat Shurmur either has multiple personality disorder or a Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing. Only, instead of one personality being normal and the other being an axe murderer, both personalities are exactly the same, just one likes to run the ball and the other doesn’t. It’s like Woody Hayes and Mike Martz had a love child and each tormented him as he grew up. Granted, this is probably the least interesting case of multiple personality disorder ever, but it makes a twisted kind of sense.

Unlike having a QB pass 61 times.

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