• AV Test comes down hard on Microsoft Security Essentials.  I have been recommending Security Essentials to people because it’s free and most anti-virus covers a similar range of malware.  This might force me to change my mind and recommend some other (free) product.
  • A college student learns a hard lesson regarding security testing:  don’t go too far.  It sucks for the kid, but running a penetration testing suite is an attack.  Unfortunately, I think the university isn’t necessarily overreacting here; their initial reaction was fine, and it seemed like all parties were behaving appropriately, until the student did an unauthorized scan.  Expelling the student is not something that I would have done, but universities are hide-bound, reactionary institutions filled with risk-averse bureaucrats, and so they must follow The Policy.  The Policy has no leeway for intention.
  • This does not seem like as wonderful a result as one might hope.  They still have broken scanners; the scanners aren’t quite as bad as before is all.

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