Obamacare’s Crony Capitalism Link

Paul Mirengoff points out some of the crony capitalism inside Obamacare.

Sadly, this is par for the course.  When Washington is in charge of buying and selling, politicians and big business will tend to get the better of such arrangements.


For once, I agree with Jamison Hensley, AFC North guy on ESPN

I’ve taken Hensley to task a few times in the past. But for once, he’s dead on with this article. 

Firing Pat Shurmur made sense; he’s not a bad guy, and I’d like to see him succeed elsewhere, but he averaged three wins a season. That’s no good. Firing Heckert is a mistake, though. He knew what he was doing, made some excellent draft choices, and has put this team in a position to, if not make the playoffs next year, threaten it. Maybe even go 8-8 (the Holy Grail of Browns fans; well, realistic ones, anyway.) A quality coach will help with that too. You can’t blame Heckert for the team he inherited when Phil Savage was fired, and his picks and roster moves have thus far been sound.

I hope the new owner of the Browns knows what he’s doing.