Perhaps I should put scare quotes around the “thinkers” part.

Steven Hayward starts us off with a nice essay.  But what really gets me is a statement by Stephen Northcutt in a SANS security newsletter that I receive:  “What a week. NC Gov. Bev Purdue suggests suspending elections; NY State Senators argue that free speech is a privilege, not a right; and NSA wants to monitor public networks while not violating citizens’ civil liberties. At what point should we be concerned that democracy is under stress?”

So, as noted, we have a governor using “hyperbolic” speech when stating that maybe we should just suspend elections, New York Democrats who don’t care that much for free speech (at least when it’s speech they don’t like), and a government agency which wants to “monitor public networks for threats.”

Hayward’s essay really ties these types of themes together and I recommend reading it.




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