Protecting The Skies From Rogue Nail Clippers

Via Mungowitz.  You have soldiers coming home from Afghanistan with M-4 Carbines and M9 pistols and M-240B machine guns, and TSA wants to swipe nail clippers because “They can be used as a weapon.”

This is why the US Army equips all of its soldiers with nail clippers:  we need to have an edge over terrorists who have manicure sets.  And heaven help us if we ever fight the Swiss:  they have nail clippers _and_ scissors in the same device!

TSA is full of uneducated idiots who failed at getting real jobs, so they watched a 2-hour presentation on how to grope little kids and were given badges which don’t even whirl when you blow on them.  Your average agent’s domain expertise in real security is effectively zero, so they instead follow stupid rules taken to extremes.