This is a review of Nigel Poulton’s Pluralsight course entitled Docker and Kubernetes: the Big Picture.

This is a great introductory course for someone with zero container experience, as Nigel takes us through a quick primer on containers, Docker, and Kubernetes. Nigel brings an energy to this that I appreciate—he has a lot of passion for the topic and wants to share that passion with others. He also keeps things moving: there are 10 chapters but the whole course is less than 2 hours long, so he’s peppering you with topics.

I think one of the best use cases for this course is someone who is in management and needs to gain a high-level understanding of containers. Nigel doesn’t show you how to create containers or even how to install Docker, but he shows you where they fit in the modern infrastructure. The course is also new, so its material is up to date.

Even if you have Docker experience, it’s still a worthwhile investment of time because it helps explain containers in a way that non-technical people can understand.


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