Cleveland once again traded down, this time to #15, for which they received a third rounder this year and a second rounder next year. That seems like a poor value, in my opinion, but they also dropped only seven spots. Tennessee took OT Jack Conklin with the pick.

Cleveland took a wide receiver with #15: Corey Coleman of Baylor. That wasn’t the wideout I wanted, personally, but he has legitimate speed. Mike Mayock compared him to Percy Harvin. If true, it’s an underwhelming pick, especially since Coleman was the first wideout off the board. Coleman is also not an ideal route runner, but he is a legitimate playmaker. He strikes me as a slightly bigger Travis Benjamin. As long as we get a possession guy on Day 2, I’m okay with this.

With #32, I’m predicting Cleveland grabs either a QB (Connor Cook or Paxton Lynch?) or goes defense. The only team in the last part of the first round that needs a QB is Denver, so either Lynch or Cook should be available should Cleveland want them. Of course, somebody could try to leapfrog the Browns (49ers?) by trading with one of those teams, so anything could happen.

If Cleveland goes defense, there are some outstanding players available. Cleveland could take Myles Jack, which would be a huge bargain if he stays healthy. There are plenty of other defensive linemen and linebackers for the taking as well. Defensive back seems to be a weakness/strength of this draft class, in that most of the elite ones are already gone, but the remaining backs range from good to acceptable. Cleveland certainly needs quantity, if nothing else, at defensive back, so I expect to see some third round picks spent there.

UPDATED FOR END OF THE FIRST ROUND: Denver took Lynch (after trading up, which seemed weird. Who else was going to take him) and Jack has fallen out of the first round. Cook seems the most likely pick for #32, but Jack looks very tempting.


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