A bevvy of new coaches for Cleveland

Cleveland has a new defensive coordinator (same as the old coordinator?) and a bunch of offensive assistants now.

I don’t like Ray Horton. I’m mystified as to why Hue Jackson hired him. He’s not Jim O’Neill, so +50 points for that, but Horton was mediocre at best in the past. Maybe he’ll turn things around, but I’m not confident that Horton was the right man for the job.

Al Saunders and Pep Hamilton won’t be offensive coordinators, but some sort of vaguely titled offensive assistants. Hamilton has a good record in college and worked well in Indianapolis for a year. Saunders, allegedly the senior offensive assistant, is a good find, albeit one who normally ran a complex offense.

Kirby Wilson helped run some of the finest rushing attacks in football in Pittsburgh and Minnesota; he’s a solid pickup. Hal Hunter is supposed to be the new offensive line coach; he’s another guy with a good track record.

Horton is the only hire I don’t like. I don’t know what kind of scheme he intends to install, but I just don’t like his record. Hopefully Hue Jackson sees something in him that I don’t.

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