This Year’s Conference Schedule

I’m looking at a pretty busy conference schedule this year.  Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

February 8 — Powershell Saturday 007, Charlotte, North Carolina.
March 22 — SQL Saturday #277, Richmond, Virginia.
May 16 — May 18 — CarolinaCon-10, Raleigh, North Carolina.
June 14 — SQL Saturday #299, Columbus, Ohio.
September 6 (?) — SQL Saturday, Raleigh, North Carolina.
September 24 — September 28 (?) — Derbycon 4.0, Louisville, Kentucky.
November 4 — November 7 — PASS Summit 2014, Seattle, Washington.

I might be able to sneak one or two more conferences in there, but going to seven conferences across three major domains is pretty nice for me.  I might also be able to attend the 2014 Raleigh Code Camp if the time is right.

Bafflingly Arbitrary

The Obama administration strategy on federal websites.  The hosting and bandwidth costs are typically covered in year-long (or longer) contracts.  And it’s cheaper to keep a site unchanged than to change the site.

Bonus question:  given the Obama administration’s War on Open Spaces, could they also perhaps put a wall up between the US and Mexico?  Declare Mexico a national park and perhaps we’ll see President Obama do something good.

Computing Notes