These are the continuing adventures of three guys whose lives were changed by the fortuitous happenstance of having been housed together for two years, including one at the illustrious 36 Chambers Street in Dayton, Ohio. Here is a quick rundown of the cast:

Tony “Penguatroll” Demchak is a PhD candidate in history at Kansas State University. He is a committed atheist. To forestall Kevin’s obvious pun (see below), no, I do not mean that atheism should have me committed. Hah hah hah, very funny. I play a lot of video games, watch stuff on Hulu and Netflix, and in my spare time, work on my dissertation, on naval technology in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. I also play a lot of board games, when the wife cooperates, my personal favorites being Axis and Allies, Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage, and Twilight Struggle. Call of Cthulhu, the card game, is also awesome because you can give Cthulhu a pair of .45s. How awesome is that? Really awesome, thank you very much.

Kevin “Joooooooooo!!!” Feasel honors thousands of years of tradition by wearing a yarmulke and not paying retail. He was last seen studying at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Germany.  He successfully got out of there, earning a MA in Economics and Politics to add to his BS in Computer Information Systems, at which point he became a Master of BS. He claims to be able to speak German. He makes no claims about his capacity for English, despite writing about himself in English in the third person. His personal heroes are Calvin Coolidge, P.J. O’Rourke, and carbonite-frozen Han Solo. His two major outputs are worthless programs and cringe-worthy puns.  He now works as a developer someplace you’ve probably never heard of and which uses a long and unwieldy acronym.  It is not KAOS.

Daniel was born in a hospital in 1983 and will die in another hospital in 2057. He enjoys staring off into space for hours on end, getting lost on his way to places he’s been dozens of times before, and misplacing things. Daniel sometimes goes a long time without posting anything but can be summoned back whenever the Jew makes a post asking where he’s been. Daniel is also a talented musician whose electronic compositions sound like a 300 year old organ farting while 30 kitchen appliances run in the background.

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