The Politics Of 36 Chambers

This is the official fast food restaurant napkin which describes 36 Chambers political views. No other napkin shall be accepted. None! Note, for those interested, that the ordinate’s positioning is merely a graphical irregularity and not necessarily incorrect, given that I have labeled appropriately the abscissa.

If you didn’t get that, that is because nobody who speaks English as a first language uses those words, yet foreign economics professors do.


Here are some notes to think about whilst perusing the political views:
– Dan is up in the clouds. I believe this is literally as well as metaphorically true.
– Tony does not succumb to Blair’s Law. Anybody to the right of him would, however.
– Kevin’s positioning is due to his line that he is not so much far to the right as he is deep within the right. He is also a shifty character, as noted by his third-moment-requiring distribution.
– It is tradition that I always draw a Laffer curve when I make some kind of napkin graphics.

I shall allow J. Danforth Gudorf and Tonington Q. Lastnamington, III to make any comments they wish, but I don’t see how this could possibly be improved.

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