Key Details

What: Azure Community Conference
Where: On the Internet, UTC+5.5 (India Standard Time).
When: Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30th. Full-day, paid trainings on Sunday, October 31st.
Admission is free. RSVP on the Azure Community Conference website.

What I’m Presenting

7:30 AM — 8:30 AM EDT — Riding the Rails: Railway-Oriented Programming with F#

This is a talk I’ve wanted to put together for some time, and I’m glad I have the opportunity to give it here. This talk will, of course, be heavily indebted to Scott Wlaschin’s outstanding presentation and articles on the topic. I won’t stray too far from Scott’s explanations, though I do plan to simplify it a little and include some code examples to make things more apparent.


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