I am pleased to announce a new course: The Curated Data Platform.

Given two hours of footage, you’d think I would find a spot where I smiled.

A Brief Summary

The Curated Data Platform is a 2-hour video training aimed at providing you a 30,000 foot overview of the data platform space. In this course, I take you through a variety of data platform technologies—such as relational databases, document databases, caching technologies, data lakes, and graph databases. I show you use cases in which these technologies can be great fits, as well as which companies and products are most relevant in that space today. This includes on-premises technologies as well as major services in Amazon Web Services and Azure.

Pour one out for Riak here.

Get This Course for Free! (Limited Time Offer)

Through Sunday, July 25, 2021, you can register for this course for free using the coupon code FIRSTMOVER when you check out. My one request with this is, if you use the coupon code, please be sure to leave feedback on the course—things which you liked, as well as things you wanted to see but didn’t. I intend to update this course over time to make it better based in part on learner feedback.

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