APPLY Yourself: The Training

One of my hidden projects this year was to build out some training independent of the work I do with third parties. To that extent, I have started a course page on Teachable. And this week, I’m announcing the release of my first Teachable training, entitled APPLY Yourself.

This took all of my marketing capabilities.

The price of this training is $40 and includes 82 minutes of lecture and demos covering the APPLY operator in detail. If you’ve seen my presentation of the same name, you’ll see that some of it is familiar, but I’ve added in several additional sections and tightened up the training to use one single, consistent data set. If you want to build up your T-SQL skill set, I highly recommend signing up for this training. You can get a full breakdown of the material on the course page.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you sign up before February 1st of 2021, use the coupon code FEEDBACK (or use this link, which includes the coupon code) to receive a 50% off discount, turning the $40 course into a $20 course. One Andrew Jackson gets you 10 separate demos on what you can do with APPLY and details on when it works as well as when it doesn’t.

My one request is that if you do use this code, please provide feedback on how I can make this course, as well as future courses, the best possible experience. Think of it as two thousand pennies for your thoughts.

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