I’ve talked about Data Platform Summit before, but now that we’re close to go time, I wanted to mention it again.

This year, I will be presenting one breakout session and one training class.

The breakout session is entitled Optimizing Backup Performance using Data Science Techniques. In it, I walk through the configuration settings we have available to us for tuning backups (and restorations) of databases and then apply data science techniques to find the best set for a given environment. It’s a great way of applying data science skills to a classic database administration task and should be fun for both audiences. That session, along with more than 200 others, will run from December 2nd through the 4th.

The training, meanwhile, will take place over two days, December 7th and 8th. The training is entitled Applying Forensic Accounting Techniques to Data Analysis in Python and SQL and is a lengthy enough title that it’s self-explanatory. In it, I answer the perennial question for data platform specialists: what does it mean to know your data? The same processes and techniques forensic accountants use to analyze data sets can help us gain a detailed understanding of data in our own environments and become more proficient. Along the way, we uncover a bit of dirty dealing in an artificial data set because hey, where’s the fun in talking about forensic accounting if we can’t have a fraud-based example?

Save Some Money

Use the discount code TRIANGLESQL to save big on sessions and trainings, and also kick a little bit to the Triangle Area SQL Server Users Group.


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