I have two sessions at PASS Virtual Summit 2020 next week, one a full-day training and the other a general session.

SQL Server on the Edge: a Full-Day Training

Next Monday, I’m giving a pre-con on using SQL Server, .NET Core, and Azure to help solve IoT issues. We’ll walk through a realistic scenario involving building security via employee key cards, show how to use Azure IoT Edge and Azure SQL Edge to power edge devices, and perform machine learning on employee comings and goings to track behavioral changes.

Here is the PASS Summit writeup if you’d like more information. Use the discount code LGDISCWY7 to save a bit of cash along the way.

The Curated Data Platform

In addition, I’m going to give a regular session entitled The Curated Data Platform.

The idea is, let’s take a fictional but realistic company, walk through the types of data problems it experiences, and see which data platform technologies solve its problems, along with the biggest players in those spaces, and some reference architectures to boot.

Register for PASS Summit

Registration is still open for PASS Summit 2020, so join me for the virtual event. Use the discount code LGDISCWY7 for additional savings and I hope to see you there.

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