I have two sessions at PASS Summit 2020, one a full-day training and the other a general session.

SQL Server on the Edge: a Full-Day Training

I posted about this when Summit pre-cons were announced and the info is still good. The short version is, I’m going to take people through a real-ish IoT scenario involving SQL Server, .NET Core, Azure, and some IoT devices. We’ll see how things work, dive into Azure SQL Edge, and have some fun with Raspberry Pi’s along the way.

Here is the PASS Summit writeup if you’d like more information. And if you do decide to register for this full-day training, you’ll save $200 off of what it would have been had we attended PASS Summit in person.

The Curated Data Platform

I am really excited about this talk. Several years ago, I had a talk called Big Data, Small Data, and Everything in Between, and the idea of the talk was to walk through various data platform technologies and see where they fit.

That talk isn’t that out of date, but I decided to revamp it entirely, taking advantage of my insanity dedication as a Curator to give it a better name and a better theme.

The idea now is, let’s take a fictional but realistic company, walk through the types of data problems it experiences, and see which data platform technologies solve its problems, along with the biggest players in those spaces, and some reference architectures to boot.

The talk is currently under development and I plan to revise it a fair bit between now and Summit, but here’s a sneak peek of the agenda:

Register for PASS Summit

Registration is still open for PASS Summit 2020, so join me for the virtual event. And as a special offer, I’m giving away free hot takes for anyone who wants one. If that doesn’t seal the deal, I don’t know what would.


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