SQL on the Edge: Full-Day Training at PASS Summit 2020

I’m presenting a full-day training at PASS Summit again this year. Here are the details:

SQL Server on the Edge: IoT with SQL Server and .NET Core

In this day-long training session, you will learn about Azure SQL Database Edge, the version of SQL Server intended to run on Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We will discuss the types of scenarios we might try to solve using IoT devices. From there, we will learn about device management through the Azure IoT Hub, including installation of applications from the Azure marketplace, as well as the development and deployment of custom Docker containers in an Azure Container Registry. Over the course of the day, we will build out a practical scenario and take a look at features in Azure SQL Database Edge, including handling time series data and machine learning on edge devices. As we expand out from a single device, we will learn how to automate deployment and updates at scale using capabilities in Azure IoT Hub.

Prerequisites: A solid knowledge of T-SQL, a basic understanding of Docker and containers, some knowledge of .NET (C# or F#).

What Can You Expect?

I’m still working out all of the details, but here are the top-level items:

Module 0 — Prep Work

In the first module, we will understand why we might want to care about the Internet of Things, looking at the types of scenarios IoT can solve.

Module 1 — Configuring Azure IoT Edge Devices

In this module, we will set up Azure IoT hub, take a look at the Raspberry Pi 4, and install Azure IoT Edge on the Pi. We will also see how to connect a virtual machine to Azure IoT Hub to assist with testing.

Module 2 — Azure SQL Database Edge Installation

Once we have a device in Azure IoT Hub, we will see how to install Azure SQL Database Edge, including configuration and deployment of dacpacs on a VM and on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Module 3 — Developing and Deploying an Application

With a database in place, we will work on an IoT solution in .NET Core and connect to our Azure SQL Database Edge instance.

Module 4 — Diving into Time Series

One of the main promises of Azure SQL Database Edge is the support for time series, and we will investigate what is available on that front.

Module 5 — Machine Learning on the Edge

In this module, we will review ONNX, the Open Neural Network Exchange. We will see how to train a model on a host, deploy it to Azure SQL Database Edge, and predict using the native PREDICT operator.

Module 6 — Device Management

The final module will extend us beyond a single device, as scale is the name of the game with IoT. We will also look at tools available for monitoring and providing insights.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Configure an Azure IoT Hub
  • Connect IoT edge devices (such as the Raspberry Pi) to Azure IoT Hub
  • Deploy Azure SQL Database Edge to edge devices en masse
  • Develop and deploy custom .NET code using containers
  • Deploy machine learning models to edge devices

If this sounds interesting to you, be sure to register for PASS Summit 2020.

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