Data Architecture Day: A Recap

We saw this scene a lot.

Data Architecture Day was this past Saturday, and it was a hoot. In case you missed it, all of the sessions are up on a YouTube playlist.

Wait…How Many Sessions?

Data Architecture Day was quite a full day, with 11 sessions over 13 hours, with short breaks in between sessions.

The only unfortunate part about doing this as a marathon is that I had to be there for each session as MC and producer, so I had to be on for 13 hours. But that’s still easier than presenting!

Speaking of presenting, thank you to each presenter who took the time out of their schedules to share knowledge with us. They are, in order: Neil Hambly, Andy Leonard, Philipp Krenn, Joe Karlsson, Johan Ludwig Brattås, Louis Davidson, Solomon Rutzky, Matt Gordon, Angela Henry, Hasan Savran, and Ginger Grant.

Quick Stats

Throughout the day, we had 376 unique viewers, including a mid-day raid:

Without the raid, we had a fairly consistent behavior, with one stretch from 9 AM until about 4 PM, and then a smaller but still reasonably-sized group for the second half of the day. The big drop-off around 12:15 PM is when we went to a 20-minute lunch break.

We had 935 live views throughout the day, which says that people would leave for a while and come back. Not surprisingly, the bursts of people entering typically happened at the beginning of each session.

Two Big Questions

With Data Architecture Day 2020 in the books, there are two questions left.

The first question is, will there be a Data Architecture Day 2021? That’s a good question, and I don’t know the answer yet. We put this event together in response to the necessary cancellation of so many data platform conferences. But as conferences (probably) return in 2021, we will have to see if it makes sense to put together another Data Architecture Day next year.

The second question is, will there be other TriPASS-sponsored online conferences? The answer to that is a resounding probably. During this week’s episode of Shop Talk, we asked viewers for ideas on topics. Whatever topic we choose, we’ll limit it to 5-6 sessions max as I have learned my limits. But if you have great ideas for a mini-conference, let me know and we’ll pick an idea and (probably) organize an event for later in the summer.

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