The Triangle Area SQL Server Users Group is hosting Data Architecture Day on May 16, 2020. Data Architecture Day is a free, one-day Twitch marathon where we will host a variety of data architecture-related sessions.

To that end, we are looking for speakers for Data Architecture Day. Our Call for Speakers is open through April 29th.

You can read more about the official set of suggested topics, but what I’ll do here is give a flavor for the type of talk I’d be interested in seeing. I’m mostly looking for the “Why? Then How?” kinds of talks. Going through each of the key topic spaces, with relational databases, why would I want to normalize my databases? Why might I want to use horizontal scale-out with relational data? After taking us through the reasoning behind it, show us a good way to do it.

The goal of this conference is to take a strategic overview of the data platform. This means, for example, that drawing out how a good HA/DR solution looks would be more interesting than a tutorial on installing and configuring Availability Groups.

If you have a talk along these lines, we’d love to see your submission for our Call for Speakers.


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