I’ve been thinking of ways to make the Triangle SQL Server User Group Twitch channel a bit more active. I broadcast all of the TriPASS user group meetings that I can on the channel and though it’s a lot for a user group (we meet three times a month), it’s not that frequent by Twitch standards.

But last week, while I was in my hotel room after SQL Saturday Tampa, I decided to start up a new thing: Coding with Kevin. The idea of Coding with Kevin is as follows. I build out a pretty large amount of content for presentations. Aside from looking like an idiot during the content creation process, there’s not much downside in doing it live. Chrissy LeMaire does something like this, where she livestreams writing her dbatools book (without the looking like an idiot part, of course) and I enjoy watching her build content.

I won’t have a fixed schedule for this, but my goal is to stream at least a couple of times a month, most likely for about 30-60 minutes. This will supplement the regular user group meetings and give the channel a bit more content.

These won’t be saved on YouTube, though—once two weeks roll around that they’re deleted from Twitch, those videos are gone forever. This is intended to be a chance to unwind and talk a bit of shop, not something to come back to in the future like a proper user group meeting. Still, I hope you’ll join me for some of these as I figure out my next crazy scheme to drive viewership.

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