SQL Saturday Raleigh Pre-Cons

We have two pre-cons going this year at SQL Saturday Raleigh. These are both full-day trainings and will take place on Friday, April 17th at the Microsoft office in Raleigh.

Data Science with Databricks by Ginger Grant, currently $125.

Databricks is a very popular environment for developing data science solutions. More and more companies are interested in Databricks as it is very simple to set up and contains a collaborative workspace for working with a team of people. In this session you will see how to create Machine Learning Solutions with multiple workflows starting with ETL, to data exploration, model experimentation, and lastly to a production release of a data science solution.

Today, more and more development is performed on very large datasets. Attendees will learn how to use Apache Spark, which is part of Databricks, to rapidly analyze lots of data. Learn how to use Databricks to reduces operational complexity to create solutions which can be scaled up or down depending on the amount of data needed to process without having to change the underlying code.

Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and Apache Spark are the technologies used to create solutions within this session. No experience is required.

PowerShell Top to Bottom by Mark Wilkinson, also currently $125.

Lots of people are talking about PowerShell these days. If you are DBA that manages a few servers you have probably even used some PowerShell here and there that you found on the internet, but what if you need to write a script or function from scratch? What if you already have a few scripts that you have on hand but want to organize them into a module to distribute to your team members?

In this session we will be exploring the powerful and flexible “PowerShell” scripting language. We’ll start with the basics of writing simple scripts and work our way up to more complex topics like writing advanced functions, executing tasks in parallel, creating modules, and embedding .NET code in your PowerShell code. This will be an interactive session where we will work to build a useful set of functions to illustrate the many strengths of PowerShell.

These two trainings are a great way of getting even more out of SQL Saturday Raleigh.