2019 Year In Review, Part 1

This will be a review of my presentation goals for 2019. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about a bunch of other stuff I did. It’s been a busy year.

Coming into the year, I had 5 major goals and 2 stretch goals. Here’s how I did on each of them.

Speak at 20 SQL Saturdays and 10 User Groups

I ended up hitting 20 SQL Saturdays on the nose. As far as user groups go, I had 13 user group presentations, including two remote. One successful goal down.

Speak in 4 Countries

I ended up speaking at events in six countries: the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Two successful goals down.

Update 4 Older Talks to Use GitPitch

I’ve become a lot more comfortable with GitPitch (to the point where I’m paying for the full product, as I want it around for a while). At the beginning of the year, I listed out a half-dozen talks which would be good to migrate to GitPitch. I moved four of them, rewrote a fifth (on PolyBase), and will probably retire the 6th at some point. Speaking of which…

Retire 4 Talks

Sometimes, it’s good to put a talk out to pasture. I ended up giving up on a few of them this year, though funny enough, I brought my talk on Biml out of retirement due to internal demand.

I missed on my two stretch goals, but did end up hitting all of my main goals, so I’ve got that going for me. Tomorrow, I get to brag about all of the stuff I was doing while missing those stretch goals…

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