Springer + Apress have a huge sale going on between now and Monday, December 2nd. You can get computer science ebooks for just $7 using the discount code CYBERWEEK19 on the Springer website.

This includes PolyBase Revealed, scheduled for release in January. List price for the ebook is $19.99 and $27.99 for the softcover version, so this is a huge discount. You should probably buy a few dozen copies of it as a result, as this will make a great Valentine’s Day gift, I promise.

While you’re dropping $7 at a time on books, you should also buy Ben Weissman and Enrico van de Laar’s SQL Server Big Data Clusters. It won’t include all of the changes since RC1, but will get you up to speed on one of the more interesting SQL Server 2019-related products out there.


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