Twitch Streaming TriPASS, First Attempt

I warned you people about this on Monday and yet it still happened.

The Punch Line

The Triangle Area SQL Server User Group is now live streaming events. Our Twitch channel is TriangleSSUG and we host up to three meetings per month, all on Tuesdays. Not all meetings will be live streamed—we have to have the equipment available, the speaker needs to consent, and stars must align. If you want to know whether we’re going to live stream, join our Meetup group.

For posterity’s sake, I am also saving the videos, cleaning them up a tiny bit, and re-posting on YouTube. Here’s my video from Tuesday night:

New and improved: now with 40% more “um”s!

All of these are going into a Triangle SQL Server User Group playlist, so you can watch them later.

The Recap

Overall, I was quite pleased with the way things turned out on Tuesday. This was our first actual stream (aside from a test stream whose video we didn’t even save because I didn’t have that box checked yet). The audio quality was pretty good, though there was a desync issue that I’ll need to figure out between now and Tuesday. Webcam video was reasonable and slide video was excellent.

Before the session, I was scrambling to get all of the equipment working, as my capture card wasn’t being recognized on my streaming laptop. A reboot solved that problem and we were good to go. But this teaches me that if I want to stream, I need to be there half an hour early to account for setup difficulties.

After I get a few more of these in, I’ll do another recap, some lessons learned, and equipment reviews.

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