I’m Speaking at PASS Summit

Are you going to PASS Summit this year, from November 4th through the 8th? If so, I have a two-fer for you.

First, I’m going to present a full-day training called Architecting a Big Data Analytics Solution in SQL Server 2019. I’m going to draw a few boxes, link together a bunch of interesting technologies (hints: SQL Server Big Data Clusters, Docker, Kubernetes, Spark, Hadoop, SQL Server Machine Learning Services, and a couple more are already on my slate), and rant about why I hate the term “big data.” You have to give me money if you want to see this training, but it will be worth it to see the cutting edge in the data platform space.

Second, I’m going to present a regular session entitled SQL Server Machine Learning Services in Production. Learn from someone who has been working with SQL Server Machine Learning Services since it was SQL Server R Services. You’ll discover what kinds of applications work well in ML Services as well as what kinds of workloads don’t do well at all. You’ll learn about the security and management models driving Machine Learning Services. You’ll also get the benefit of learning about what kinds of coding practices my team has developed to improve our development experience.

Come to PASS Summit and check out these talks as well as over a hundred other excellent talks.


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