Course Review: Data Storytelling

This is a review of Troy Kranendonk’s Pluralsight course entitled Data Storytelling:  Moving Beyond Static Data Visualizations.

This is a short introduction to some of the concepts behind data storytelling. Considering that the entire course comes in at approximately 45 minutes, you won’t leave this course an expert on any one thing, but I think Troy does a good job laying out the groundwork to get better at data storytelling. Troy’s course covers topics of advocacy with some discussion of when to use particular storytelling elements such as tooltips, interactions, and eye-catching images.

One of the most compelling things I got out of this course was his work on animated GIFs. Troy’s last two sections cover this topic and he gives us a few good resources on the topic. Animating images is one of my weaker areas in the data visualization space so I was particularly interested in the topic. I think Troy did a good job of providing introductory content in that regard.

All in all, if you have a Pluralsight account, check out this course. It’s the type of course you can knock out on a plane ride and doesn’t drag on like an 8-hour slog.