It’s been a month, so I wanted to provide an update on incorporation. After our articles of incorporation went up in flames (the opposite of going down in flames), I opened up a call for board members among community members. I was able to get enough volunteer (and quasi-volunteer) support to nominate a full slate but no additional volunteers. Supposing I had enough people interested in running for positions, I would have held individual votes but with just 5 people, I decided to have a single up or down vote on the entire slate.

As of Sunday night when I closed the polls, the final vote was 28-0 in favor of the board.

Congratulations to the new Triangle SQL Server Users Group board:

President – Me. Because I’m a control freak.
Vice President of Marketing – Rick Pack ( blog | twitter )
Treasurer – Mala Mahadevan ( blog | twitter )
Vice President of Membership – Tom Norman ( blog | twitter )
Vice President of Programs – Tracy Boggiano ( blog | twitter )

Now that we have our board, we can begin to take the next official steps toward incorporation, and I’ll have an update on that when someone tells me what they are. That’s my executive leadership in action.


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