I am just a little bit late with this, but I wanted to talk about some things I picked up at a talk Ricardo Wilkins (t) gave at DogFoodCon last year on OneNote.

I use OneNote a lot to keep track of what I’m doing, what I’m supposed to do, and generally what I need to do but am neglecting. But before Ricardo’s talk, I had never heard of Onetastic. Onetastic is a set of add-ons for OneNote and includes a free edition.

The main thing I use Onetastic for is the calendar. OneCalendar shows you, by date, the pages that you changed. This is great for larger notebooks, as sometimes I’ll create a new page somewhere but not quite remember exactly where it is. Open up the calendar and now I can see immediately what I’ve been doing:

Sneaking a peek at my notebook. There’s a lot of PolyBase stuff there, unsurprisingly.

It also shows when pages were created, so if you know you created something back in June but don’t quite remember what its name was, you can browse through the set by creation date and jog your memory that way. This also works for multi-user notebooks, where you can see the whole slew of changes from the entire time at once.

That’s the biggest thing I use Onetastic for, but it’s a pretty big one. Onetastic also has some tools around working with images like cropping, rotating, and selecting text from images.

There are also a large number of macros available in their marketplace, though I have not used any of them and the free version does put limits on macro usage.

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