PolyBase Revealed: Want To Help?

This week’s PolyBase Revealed post is a request. Have you used PolyBase in production? Alternatively, have you tried to implement PolyBase but ended up having to back off for some reason? If so, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

One of the things I want to do is cover as many weird scenarios as I can fit into my allotment of pages. I know I won’t be able to cover everything, but knowing where people have run into trouble can help out future users. And given that we’re looking at several technology stacks interacting, there are certainly some weird scenarios, many of which I wouldn’t even be able to dream of.

If you have wisdom you’d like to share, I’d like to have a chat at a SQL Saturday, via e-mail, or through a series of easily misinterpreted passive-aggressive tweets (or maybe thoughtful DMs if that’s not too much to ask).

Ways to get ahold of me:

  • E-mail feasel [at] my domain.
  • DM me.
  • Say my name three times in the mirror at a SQL Saturday. That won’t cause me to appear, though; I’ll have been at the event the entire time.

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