Due to having far too much free time (I mean, there are hours a day where I’m doing nothing but sleeping! More than one!), I’ve taken to the idea of writing a book on PolyBase. The working title is PolyBase Revealed and has a scheduled release date of “That’s way in the future so I don’t have to worry…wait, what month is it now? Oh crap!”

Long-time readers may recall my series on PolyBase (I still prefer “Polybase” and so does about a quarter of the Microsoft documentation, but I’ll capitalize the middle B for marketing purposes) focusing on SQL Server 2016. Well, SQL Server 2019 is coming and with it, we have a lot of new PolyBase-related functionality, including external connections to a slew of new resources. The book will focus on SQL Server 2019 with a chapter on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. My goal is to make it easy for someone getting started with data virtualization and with a T-SQL background to integrate with the different supported systems, pointing out bugaboos along the way. Because there are plenty of bugaboos.

As I write the book, I intend on adding to this blog the odds and ends that I find during research but which don’t make their way into the book. I’ll probably spam my blog with way too much info about the book because I expect to build a house made out of gold using my royalties. A house made out of gold is utterly impractical, but how else could I spend that much in royalty checks?


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