I’m part of the committee putting together Southern Fried F#, a conference which will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday, April 13th.

No conference is complete without a great logo.

The Call for Papers is currently open and will remain open through February 15th, so if you are interested in presenting, get a move on—that way people won’t need to see me give a talk…

The idea of Southern Fried F# is to provide a full-day community conference dedicated to the F# programming language. We are aiming at introductory-level talks to build up interest in the language and show areas in which F# can thrive, whether that be using type providers to integrate external sources quickly, building business rules which are impossible to break and easy to understand, or building production-quality machine learning models.

We will host the 2019 edition of Southern Fried F# at Red Hat’s office in downtown Raleigh. More details will be available on the main website as we get closer to the event. You can also sign up for the event now—tickets are free.


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