R Training In Cleveland CANCELLED


Unfortunately, the R training has been cancelled due to venue limitations. I’ll still be at SQL Saturday Cleveland but will not be able to give my full-day training. To the tens of thousands of people (that estimate might be slightly high) who signed up, SQL Saturday Cleveland crew will be in touch. I’ve taken the link down from this page (and deleted the rest of the text just because) to make sure that nobody accidentally signs up.


A Sneak Preview

One of my presentation goals for 2019 is to get into video recording. I did a couple of recordings in 2017 but wasn’t that happy with them. Since then, I’ve upped the amount of equipment (mostly lights—you can never have enough lights, apparently) and am getting prepared. Here’s a sneak preview:

AdventureWorks in all its glory.

I still have a long way to go with this, but soon enough I will have this down. Then, my ultimate goal will come true: become a television meteorologist push free content to a couple dozen people.