I learned my lesson last year (I think) and will not have quite as ambitious of goals for 2019.  I also plan to stack the deck a bit.

Speak at 20 SQL Saturdays and 10 User Groups

This one’s still the same as the last couple of years.  The good news is that if I hit my SQL Saturdays goal, I’ll end up with more than 100 SQL Saturdays as a speaker.  Not too shabby.

Speak in 4 Countries

I’m cutting back a little bit this year.  I’d still like to hit several countries and would love to break this goal handily.  So far, I’m confirmed for events in the US and Datagrillen in Germany, so I’m halfway there.

Create 4 New Talks

I have about a dozen talks on my “I should put something together” list.  I normally put together 4-6 talks over the course of the year, so I should beat this one comfortably.

By the way, this does not include rebuilding talks:  I know I want to rebuild my forensic accounting talk and it’s about time to rebrand & update my talk on the state of data platform technologies as well as securing a SQL Server instance.

Update 4 Older Talks To Use GitPitch

I’ve become a big fan of GitPitch.  I like the experience and appreciate the ability to walk through code even though I haven’t taken full advantage of it just yet.

My plan is to take a few of the talks I like and put together GitPitch decks.  Likely candidates include:

In practice, I’ll probably do them as they get selected for events.

Retire 4 Talks

I have a lot of talks, some of which have become outdated or I just don’t want to give them anymore.  I need to decide on four talks which don’t make the cut any longer for whatever reason.  I also need to fix my archived talks page—the “go to the presentation” links point to /oldpresentations/ but the presentations are all listed under /presentations/ so anybody who really wants to view an archived talk gets a 404.

Stretch Goal:  Talks For The C-Suite

To date, my talks have been entirely for technical audiences.  I want to create a form of my Launching a Data Science Project talk specifically for C-levels with most of the same information, but with more emphasis on analysis and much, much less emphasis on code.

I have a couple more ideas for C-Suite friendly talks that I want to flesh out and then submit to relevant conferences.

Stretch Goal:  Get Into Video

2019 will be the year I actually upload more than two full-length talks to YouTube.  I’ll need to strategize (which translates to “abduct Bert Wagner and force him to answer a slew of questions of increasing difficulty until the police arrive”) more, though.


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