For comparison, my year-in-review for 2017.

After giving my last talk of the year last night, I ended up with a total of 70 talks across 47 events.

Here’s a quick summary of my presentation goals for 2018:

  1. Speak at 20 SQL Saturdays and 10 user groups
  2. Speak in 5 countries across 3 continents
  3. Give 8 webinars
  4. Create 4 full-length talk videos

Spoilers:  it starts okay but falls apart by the end.

Speak at 20 SQL Saturdays and 10 User Groups

I nailed the first one, having spoken at 26 SQL Saturdays this year.  As far as user group meetings go, I barely scratched out 10 unique user groups.  This is consistent with what I did last year as well.

Speak in 5 countries across 3 continents

Countries?  Got that one:  I spoke in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, England, and Norway this year.  Unfortunately, I missed on continents, having only spoken in North America and Europe.

Give 8 Webinars

Yeah, about that:  I had one webinar this year.  I could do better.

Create 4 videos from talks

Even worse on this one.  I completely blanked on videos this year.  Much as next year is always the year of the Linux desktop, next year will be the year of me on video.

Overall Thoughts

Ambition got the best of me.  On the plus side, I built out a slew of new talks including ones on Naive Bayes classifiers, data visualization, the grammar of graphics, launching a data science project, and Spark, so that kept me pretty busy at least.  I also ended up speaking at major conferences including NDC, IT/Dev Connections, and PASS Summit, and I was glad to have the opportunity to present at each of them.


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