Enter The Tidyverse: Full-Day R Training In Charlotte

I am giving a full-day R training on Friday, October 19th in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Tickets are still available for this training event.  Here’s the abstract:


SQL Saturday Charlotte and the Charlotte BI Group are pleased to offer this full day workshop with Kevin Feasel.

Enter The Tidyverse: R for the Data Professional

In this day-long training, you will learn about R, the premier language for data analysis. We will approach the language from the standpoint of data professionals: database developers, database administrators, and data scientists. We will see how data professionals can translate existing skills with SQL to get started with R. We will also dive into the tidyverse, an opinionated set of libraries which has modernized R development. We will see how to use libraries such as dplyr, tidyr, and purrr to write powerful, set-based code. In addition, we will use ggplot2 to create production-quality data visualizations.
Over the course of the day, we will look at several problem domains. For database administrators, areas of note will include visualizing SQL Server data, predicting error occurrences, and estimating backup times for new databases. We will also look at areas of general interest, including analysis of open source data sets.
No experience with R is necessary. The only requirements are a laptop and an interest in leveling up your data professional skillset.

With Azure Notebooks, teaching and learning R becomes a lot easier—rather than fighting computers trying to install all of the pre-requisite software, we can jump straight to the notebooks.