I’m pleased to announce the launch of We Speak Linux, a site dedicated to helping Windows administrators and developers become familiar with Linux.  This has been Tracy Boggiano’s pet project for several months.  Along for the ride are Brian Carrig (who still needs to update his blog), Mark Wilkinson, Anthony Nocentio, and me.  I have the good fortune to work with Tracy, Brian, and Mark on a daily basis, but we haven’t recruited Anthony yet…

Why This?  Why Now?

All five of the founders are data platform professionals specializing in SQL Server.  Three years ago, that wouldn’t exactly have sounded like the kind of group to start up a Linux-oriented site, but then things started changing.  Now, it’s been a dream of mine to have SQL Server Management Studio on Linux (e.g., this post from 2014) so that I could dump Windows and go full-time with Linux on my computers, but I figured the chances of SQL on Linux happening were nil.  Then Scott Guthrie went and announced SQL Server on Linux in March of 2016.  As soon as we heard about it, Mark and I began conspiring to get involved in the program preview.  We caught the eye of the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) and had an opportunity in early 2017 to test a workload in Linux.  Seeing how serious the SQL Server team (especially Slava Oks) was sold it for me.  Half a year later, Microsoft released SQL Server 2017 on Linux.

Since then, Tracy and Anthony have been active in the SQL Server community, introducing Windows administrators and developers to Linux and showing that the transition from Windows to Linux for SQL Server is rather straightforward (especially for developers, who generally shouldn’t care what the underlying OS does).  We’re now taking this one step further.

What Are We Doing Here?

We Speak Linux is dedicated to building a virtual user group experience for Linux.  First, we’re hosting monthly webinars  on various topics of interest.  Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman will present at our inaugural event and we’re working on filling out the schedule for the rest of the year.

Second, we’ve set up a Slack for We Speak Linux.  Joining this Slack is easy; just fill in your e-mail address and we’ll get you an automatic invitation.

Third, we have a Twitter account.

From there, we have other things planned but I don’t want to spoil everything just yet.

What Can You Do?

Are you a Windows developer or administrator interested in learning about Linux?  Check out our upcoming webinars and as we get closer to go-live for the first webinar, there will be registration details.

Are you a seasoned Linux professional and willing to help Windows developers make the leap to Linux?  Contact us; we’d love to talk to you about doing a session.  This isn’t a SQL Server-specific group, so we want a broad range of talks.

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