My presentation goals for 2018 will be about as ambitious as they were for 2017.  That means a lot of speaking for travel, though I’m also going to mix in some at-home speaking as well.

Speak at 20 SQL Saturdays and 10 User Groups

This worked pretty well for me last year, so I want to keep it up.  I already have commitments for two SQL Saturdays and three user groups, so that’s looking good.

Speak in 5 Countries Across 3 Continents

Now we’re getting somewhere.  I want to do some more travel this year.  Last year, I did speak in 3 continents, but only three countries.  This year, I want to expand it out.  Note that this does not include webinars; I have to be physically in-country for it to count.

Give 8 Webinars

I only got up to 5 last year, so I want to push myself a little harder this year.  If you happen to run a user group and could make use of a remote speaker, I’m happy to step up.

Create 4 Full-Length Talk Videos

Last year, I started experimenting with recording my talks at home.  My first talk was Much Ado About Hadoop.  From there, I recorded Applying Forensic Accounting Techniques with SQL and R.  I want to do four more of those recordings this upcoming year and also get a bit better with Camtasia in the process.

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