New Video: Much Ado About Hadoop

I’ve decided to start recording my presentations to ensure that I have them in video form.  They’re much closer to one-take videos than polished, professional videos, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Here is my first video, Much Ado About Hadoop.

The main audience for this video is people who are interested in learning a bit about the Hadoop ecosystem from a high level but not sure where to begin.  I cover this from a historical perspective, explaining what the major components of Hadoop are, why they made sense in the context of contemporary hardware and software paradigms, and how the Hadoop ecosystem has evolved in response to changes in hardware and software.  This talk is approximately 90 minutes in length and is an expanded version of the talk I’ve given at SQL Saturdays.

From here, as I get a bit more familiar with my software and equipment—and as I get more time—I will post additional videos.  I already know what my second video will be and want to get it out in the next two or three weeks, depending upon circumstances.  From there, who knows?


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