Kafka For The Big Data VC

I am going to speak about Apache Kafka for the PASS Big Data Virtual Chapter on Tuesday, May 16th—tomorrow!—at 2 PM Eastern.

This is in webinar form and registration is free.

I’m going to cover what Apache Kafka is, give you an idea of how it works, and show how we can write .NET code to make use of this powerful message broker technology.


Remember that first time you saw Service Broker and thought of all the great things you could do with it? Remember when you actually tried Service Broker and found all the limitations and pain points? Enter Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system which can scale out to handle millions of messages per second and support a distributed, microservices-oriented architecture. In this talk, we will cover the basics of this powerful system, including general architectural and design principles. We will also build a .NET project which uses Kafka to produce and consume messages quickly and efficiently.

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