I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to speak at Compañero Conference. Compañero Conference (or CompaCon, as I can’t pronounce “Compañero” because I can’t roll that n) is a paid conference in Norfolk, Virginia, starting the evening of October 3rd and going on through the 5th.

The purpose of Compañero Conference is to give lone DBAs, accidental DBAs, and new DBAs a place to meet compatriots and learn some useful skills.  Carlos and Steve have a pattern in mind for an intimate affair:  a single track of sessions, social events to give people a chance to get to know someone in a similar situation, and unfettered access to great speakers (and me).

I’m going to do two sessions at CompaCon:  one on database security, as well as a gentle introduction to the Hadoop ecosystem.  Because it’s a small group, you’ll have plenty of chances to get one-on-one discussion time with any of the speakers, so if you need help convincing your boss to attend, there’s a built-in benefit:  you have some really sharp people (and me—oh, wait, I did that one already) trapped in a room and you’ll get to pick our brains about work topics.  And unlike a SQL Saturday, you’ll still get the whole weekend to yourself.

Tickets are currently available at a discounted price of $400, but that’s only for a limited time.


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